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Long mangalsutra online shopping

Know More about CaratLane. So how does one incorporate this traditional accessory in their modern-day garb? The designers at CaratLane have been catering to this very phenomenon in their design language over the years. With lots of research and understanding, the team has decoded a stunning collection of designs which are not just a symbol of love but also something that you would want as part of your everyday styling.

At CaratLane, we create beautiful modern mangalsutras for women. The designs available online are plenty. The mangalsutra designs range from 2 to 20 grams and are available in 14Kt, 18Kt and 22Kt. There are over unique designs in gold and diamond mangalsutras for women.

While their price starts at as low as Rs 12, and can go up to over RsBe it about the chain length, the pendant or the diamond clarity. If you prefer something unique, check out Mangalsutra rings and bracelets online at CaratLane.

Because of their price points, they are great for gifting purpose too! For bridal jewellery explore designs in the diamond mangalsutra category. You can also look for everyday gold mangalsutras when looking for something elegant.

One Gram Long Mangalsutra @ Unbelievable price

As they are timeless pieces and lightweight, which go well with every outfit. Wondering which mangalsutra should you buy? Book our try at the home facility and get access to all jewellery. Home Jewellery Mangalsutra. Nose pin. Adjustable Rings. Charm Builders.

Mangalsutra Necklaces

Baby Bangles. Cuff Links. Mangalsutra Clear All All Now we can ship designs faster on requests. Just call us! Designs in Store Click to see designs available at any store.It symbolizes the union of two souls in the bond of marriage. Mangalsutra is not just the piece of jewellery but it is the symbol of love and togetherness between two souls.

This ornament carries lots of cultural values, emotions and sentiments. According to changing time, there has been an evolution in fashion statement of mangalsutra. American Diamond Mangalsutra: Modern and working women mostly prefer artificial American diamond mangalsutra set because of its beautiful designs and uniqueness. American diamond mangalsutra looks adorable with any outfit for women and add extra resplendence to their appearance. This diamond mangalsutra comes in numerous designs from delicate to heavy which are truly very appealing.

American diamond mangalsutra comes with short or long or medium chains as per the requirement of women. Imitation American diamond mangalsutra is the substitute to real diamond mangalsutra. The motif designs and finish of imitation gold mangalsutra are same as gold mangalsutra.

long mangalsutra online shopping

It is available in short or long or medium chains. This piece comes with single or double strings of the black beaded chain along with beautiful charm pendant.

It is suitable for all type of outfits. Coin Mangalsutra: Coin mangalsutra is the South Indian type of mangalsutra. The coins of this mangalsutra features intricate carving of Goddess Laxmi. We assure you with the designs, quality of the product which you will not get anywhere else.

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So stay connected Home Mangalsutra. Latest Mangalsutra Designs Rating Highest price Lowest price. Click Here To Load More. There are different names for mangalsutra according to regional variations and designs.Mangalsutra is a highly revered ornament to a married lady, as it is a symbol of her marital status. In many communities of the north and some in South, wearing black beaded Long Mangalsutra Designs is customary. These chains start at the neck and end slightly below the bust line. While you can choose to go for a traditional variety, there definitely is a lot more choice in the market, if you want to try the new.

In this article, we shall explore some of these latest Long Mangalsutra designs with images. We have brought the top 15 long mangalsutra models to choose the one for your very important wedding day.

If you are looking for a Maharashtrian long Mangalsutra, that is not too heavy, this piece is ideal! The two-row black beaded chain is attached to traditional gold discs. These discs are engraved with fine details on them and studded with sparkling diamonds.

They are attached to two golden balls as a custom. Here is a long, Fancy type Mangalsutra chain in black beads, red beads and golden balls. The intricately carved, temple style Lakshmi pendant stands as a highlight of the entire piece. This breathtakingly beautiful chain is perfect for those who always like to make choices, as unique as them!

Gold Mangalsutra

If you want to flaunt your richness, there can be no better way to do it than with this piece. This heavy, long style Mangalsutra is a showstopper in its own way. The multi-row black beaded chain is adorned with gold beads of various shapes.

A bold, gold pendant with Lakshmi carving and enamel work is sure to make you stand out! This is another traditional, long style Mangalsutra which made into the list.

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The simple, yet elegant design has rows of black beads with strips of gold in between. A tear-drop shaped pendant with tiny gold fringes adds beauty to this chain. It is best suitable for sarees and traditional Salwar suits. The mangalsutra in the picture is the simple and the sober one to be found.

The long mangalsutra has small black beads with golden design and the gold locket studded with the necklace. For the simple and sweet wedding, you want to have, this mangalsutra is a perfect choice for your bride to be. The mangalsutra has the basic design of a mangalsutra with the golden and black beads in the thin chain but with the round locket beneath. The locket has a unique design with the half flower at the bottom and the black dotted design on the top and the hanging jewels in below.

A less heavy and a sober mangalsutra to be used for a wedding, this is a good option for people with similar choices. The mangalsutra with the two lockets are a unique ornament. With the intricate design and carvings on the chain, the mangalsutra is a fashionable one to be bought. In case you are planning to have that lavish grand wedding, the mangalsutra is a perfect choice to be included in your list.

The mangalsutra is a bright one with the long red beads tied onto the mangalsutra and the unique design of the inverted lotus in the red colour.

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The locket in golden colour bears a heavy design as well with huge carvings and cuts. The necklace has a thin chain with the heavy locket and is a good less weighted mangalsutra to be bought.

long mangalsutra online shopping

So, buy this for your wedding! The mangalsutra in the plain golden chain is a sophisticated piece of ornament to be bought for your wedding.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Gold mangalsutra is not merely a piece of jewellery for any Indian woman. It carries more value than just being an ornament to adorn her.

A mangalsutra is a symbol of her marriage, love, and commitment. It carried humongous significance for her as a mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers. It is believed that the black beads of mangalsutra have the power to protect the couple. Needless to say, a mangalsutra is the most prized possession of every woman.

long mangalsutra online shopping

And, keeping the importance of this ornament in mind, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has come up with gold mangalsutra collection. The 22k gold mangalsutra in the collection are in daintiest designs and symbolise eternal love, faith, and respect that a married couple shares. At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, you will find a great range of beautiful gold jewellery mangalsutra.

The collection includes many gorgeous designs and patterns. They are available in traditional designs, as well as trendy studded motif designs. Malabar Gold and Diamonds provides a great range of gold mangalsutra online.

You can shop for a mangalsutra from anywhere and at any time given you have a smartphone and high-speed internet. Online shopping with us allows you to:. Visit our online store and shop for your favourite gold mangalsutra.

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long mangalsutra online shopping

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Gold Mangalsutra

Price Clear. Brand Clear. Product Type Clear. Add to Cart.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The sacred thread — Mangalsutra Indian women wear the ornaments which are the mark of her marriage, and one of them is the sacred thread with black-and-gold beaded necklace- the Mangalsutra. The word mangalsutra is derived from two words- mangal- auspicious and sutra, the thread or necklace.

It not only stands to tell you that she is married but also manifest her, love, faith, dedication and confidence in the relationship. Ethnic Indian woman in Dubai Malabar Gold brings this ethnic emblem of Indian women, in the form of intricately crafted traditional and modern, mangalsutra design in Dubai, to promote the substance of women who has all the capacity to justify tradition and her modern lifestyle simultaneously.

The Mangalsutra Store

Essence of Mangalsutra designs in gold Malabar has a huge arrangement of mangalsutra designs in gold, and are created with special care as this is not just an ornament for women, it is something which is precious than life to an Indian woman. Each bead is thoroughly checked, verified and only when experts are satisfied, with its purity, it is put to design. The feeling of women, for the safety and long life of her husband, is the essence of mangalsutra.

Malabar Gold salutes their promise, to guard their husbands against all odds of life, and produces only the perfect gold mangalsutra designs. You get customized mangalsutra or you may select custom made readymade gold mangalsutra to suit your needs of length, design and shape. Aura in Mangalsutra designs Mangalsutra consists of the black beads and the gold chain or necklace and it has a lot of importance in the traditional Hindu families.

Malabar Gold has the wisdom and experience of creating the most noteworthy Mangalsutra to fit in the black beads in and completely change the connotation of mangalsutra, without reforming the traditional look and feel. Encapsulating Journey of Mangalsutra online In addition, you may explore our online store to check out all other options for a gold necklace for yourself, your children, to gift or presentation purposes and even for your partner.

The alluring visual treat experienced by you will definitely encapsulate you and will tempt you to visit our nearest store. Occasional Gold Jewellery. Gold Jewellery for Women. Gold Jewellery for Men.

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Gems Jewellery. Gift Card. Gold Bar. Suisse Pamp 2. Valcambi Suisse 1 Ounce 10g 20g 50g g. Emirates 1 Ounce 10g 20g 50g g. Malabar 1g 2g 4g 8g. Gold Rate. Pendant Set. Daily Wear. Office Wear. Casual Wear. Party Wear. Engagement Ring. Promise Ring.Oxidised metal antique gold.

Gold american diamond round. Gold diamond mangalsutra. Gold plated lakshmi coin. American diamond mangal sutra. Silver zircon mangalsutra. Mangalsutra inch length. Fashion antique round mani. Gold plated mangalsutra. Gold mangalsutra. Silver american diamonds. Gold plated white pearls style.

Gold plated alloy mangalsutra. Pink diamond mangalsutra. White diamond mangalsutra. Mangalsutra with black gold. Black mangalsutra. Quail fresh design 1g gold. White cubic zirconia. Stone pendant mangalsutra. Traditional handmade jewellery. Polki inspired alloy. Designer diamond stone golden. Women wear a lot of jewelry around their neck, one among them is Mangalsutra. People who are new to the Indian culture and traditions may not be able to understand its importance, but this is not a common jewelry like other chains or necklace.

It is a sacred thread made of black beads. This is worn only by the married women and it is symbol of goodwill, successful marriage and love. This sacred thread has got different names and it is also in different designs based on the state and culture in India. It is usually believed that the concept of this sacred thread was originated in the South India ages ago, but people from Northern part of India also treat this as a very important part of their marriages and married life as well.

The sacred is given by the groom to the bride during wedding. In fact, this sacred tread is going to complete the wedding ceremony. Without this sacred thread, a wedding cannot be performed in Hindus. This tread is tied by the groom during the wedding ceremony to the bride. This is the process which makes the bride and the groom into wife and husband.

There will be a lot of vedic hyms being recited by the priest and you will have all the elderly people witnessing the ceremony.

There are different kinds of Mangalsutra like it is made of black beads in some places, while in other places the tread is made of gold, which has got thaali joined to it. The black beads thread also has pendants made of different metals like gold, silver and different stones like diamonds, etc.

It is complete the choice of the people getting married and their culture. Whatever is used for making of this sacred thread, this is the only thread that is going to united two people for the rest of their life, in wedlock. The groom ties three knots signifying their marriage.


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