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Sagittarius trust issues

Sagittarius women may have the hardest time of all the Zodiac signs with love and relationships. It takes a tremendously secure man to be a good match for a Sagittarius woman, as we regularly act out in extreme and unpredictable ways.

While we do make the most intense and exciting girlfriends, Sag women also have many traits that make it difficult for us to make it work long-term. To avoid getting bored in a relationship, we need to mix it up A LOT.

We take everything to the extreme. Being independent is a good quality, but Sag women are independent to the point of almost never compromising.

Sag women have a knack for turning almost every casual date into a serious love interest. We are so exciting that men often mistake a little thrill for some serious emotions. While they always eventually sort out their confusion, our easy access to relationships can make us not appreciate the one we have.

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We know we can have another you by tomorrow. We get restless. We prefer to remain in motion and always mix it up. We get really excited about new projects and end up over committing our time. Once our initial energy wares off, we often end up putting our love life on the back burner while we scramble to meet deadlines and get things done.

Words without actions are meaningless to us. We put very little value in verbal apologies and statements of love. We have absolutely no tolerance for lying.

Most long term relationships involve a certain amount of microscopically small lies or white lies. We have the worst case of FOMO. We need a lot of intellectual stimulation. On top of being secure, spontaneous, adventurous, accepting, and a rock star in bed, Sagittarius women also need their mates to be borderline geniuses.

Like, at all. We like when both parties know they are free to leave at any moment, but chose to stay. We can rotate between being extroverts and introverts. Because we always need to mix it up, we also need breaks from going out and being social. We have phases where we need to hit the bars till 4 am every night and phases where movie night on the couch is the only thing we can stomach.

We need someone who can get on board with our mood and energy phases, and not pressure us to be one way or the other. We lovelovelove new people. We put a lot of value in meeting new people, and figuring them out is one of our favorite hobbies.

We got lost in existential crises.

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Sagittarius women often contemplate larger problems and deeper meanings. We struggle to cope when the honeymoon phase is over. Sagittarius women are wonderful, passionate girlfriends who push their partners to be better versions of themselves, but sticking it out long term is not one of their strengths.

Sagittarius women often have many short term, yet very meaningful, relationships until they find someone worth bending just a little bit for.

You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.That's why Bustle has enlisted Mecca Woodsa New York City-based Astrologer to tell us all about how astrology is affecting our love lives each week. This week's topic: mistakes Sagittarius women make in relationships.

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Ah, Sagittarius; the ninth sign on the zodiac wheel best known for its high-minded values, thirst for fast-flying adventures, and fun-loving nature. Those of us born under this Sun sign tend to stay true to form, preferring the trappings of slap-stick comedy over more serious read: tedious business. I laughed. No, actually I. Often lifelong travelers and world citizens, whether by the seat of a plane, a University hall, or a good foreign film, a Sagittarius will attempt to learn everything she can about the world around her.

Though while your worldliness is alluring, it can just as easily become a turnoff when you dominate the conversation with everything you know and miss the opportunity to really receive what someone else may be bringing to the table.

Instead of trying to intellectually out-do your beloved or insist they consistently adopt your point of view no matter how expansiveexplore what they could be trying to teach you. You might learn something. Sagittarians are the folk everyone goes to when they want the world narrated to them in blunt, tell it like it is fashion.

Though sometimes, when it comes to the needs of your lover, those arrows of truth are not always warranted or welcome. Not everyone is built as tough as nails. And do you need to insert your opinion into everything? Sometimes a sympathetic ear or a warm hug can be much more powerful than a motivational speech. Plenty of Sagittarius women I know are funny, energetic, life of the party kinda gals. And just like the boys, they love to entertain anyone within earshot with over the top, personal stories about sex, romance and everything in between.

When it comes to any relationship, and more importantly a romantic one, trust is paramount to the health of the partnership. If the answer is yes, find something else to talk about. Known for their trademark optimism, Sagittarians can find the sunny side to just about everything, including a lover. While couples should definitely take turns in celebrating and supporting the wonderfulness in one another, a Sag woman in love can sometimes go overboard with this by seeing a little too much wonderful in an otherwise mediocre mate.

sagittarius trust issues

While you may see the moon and the stars in the eyes of your new cutie booty, cue up some of that brutal honesty for yourself to determine if they're really as fly as you think they are.

You want an equal partner, not a renovation project. How many times have you been with your honey, inspired by something you saw or they said, and came up with an idea to beat all ideas ever known to humankind? And how many times did this idea involve you making some sort of grand gesture to your sweetie? Which of course, leaves a rather disappointed and frustrated lover in your wake.

Taurus and Sagittarius

As the zodiac sign most prone to thinking BIG, your mind and mouth can sometimes get away from you.Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility on the love graph can be good if both of them try to complement each other. This a very challenging zodiac match, because Taurus and Sagittarius are two signs that have very little in common and don't have much desire to compromise. However, if they're strong-willed enough to make this work, their relationship can be incredibly passionate and long-lasting.

Taurus is known as a serious, sensible, and patient zodiac sign, while Sagittarius is fun-loving, loud, and reckless. These two are different like night and day, but if Taurus' old-fashioned values manage to fit in with the Sagittarius free spirit, the result can be a lively and passionate combo. However, Sagittarius is one of the friendliest and most sociable signs in the zodiac, so when it comes to Taurus and Sagittarius friendship, these two can easily become besties.

One of the biggest potential problems in their romantic relationship could be money. These two have different approaches when it comes to spending and saving. While traditional Taurus wants to invest in their comfortable home, Sagittarius is known as one of the biggest spenders of the zodiac who would rather spend money on travel. So, you're probably wondering: Do Taurus and Sagittarius go together? Continue reading to find out more about Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility in love, sex, romance and relationships.

How do Taurus and Sagittarius get along in love and romance? Even though there seems to be a lot of differences between the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus and the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius, it is the differences that will actually fuel the sparks. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love Venus and is patient, loving, and serious, while Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and is fun-loving, bold, and careless. A long-term relationship between these two signs will be bumpy, because Sagittarius lives for the moment, while Taurus wants security in life.

Sagittarius is an adventurous, rebellious, and sociable sign that has a need to travel, explore, and be independent, so Taurus may find these traits irritating. On the flip side, Taurus is stable, traditional, and predictable, so Sagittarius will find this partner dull and way too serious. In order to make this relationship work, they must acknowledge their weaknesses, make an effort to overcome them and find a healthy balance between their different natures. There are some big emotional differences between Taurus and Sagittarius.

Taurus has a need for stability, security, and routine, while fiery Sagittarius has a need for freedom and independence. While Taurus is afraid of change and prefers to stay in one place, Sagittarius is restless and hates the idea of being stuck in a routine.

In a relationship, Taurus wants stability, while Sagittarius doesn't want to commit. These zodiac signs rarely get in sync with their emotions, so if they want to remain emotionally intact by this relationship, they will have to make some big adjustments. The best way these two can click on an emotional basis is if they start a romantic relationship after years of being friends. Sexually, Taurus and Sagittarius don't always click, although they have a lot of chemistry.

Both signs have very strong libidos and are most likely to have sex anywhere at the beginning of their affair.

However, the steady and reliable Taurus may complain that Sagittarius is too irresponsible and unpredictable, while to the spontaneous Sagittarius, Taurus can seem a bit dull, serious, and overly possessive.

The Taurus is romantic and wants a special kind of treatment, while the Sagittarius is all about exploring sex and doing whatever comes on their mind. The main problem in their relationship is that they're not on the same page. If they can both make the effort to understand each other's viewpoints or Sagittarius is willing to give up some of its freedom, maybe things in bedroom will work out between them just fine.

Astrologically, the Taurus-Sagittarius love match has a low compatibility rate due to their major differences. Although both are passionate, sensual and very likely to create sparks from the very start, it can be difficult for these two to have a long lasting relationship, especially marriage. The sensuality of Taurus and the sexuality of Sagittarius will make their relationship special that they will both truly enjoy.

However, Taurus will often find Sagittarius acting as a child instead of a grown up partner. While Taurus craves security and safety and has eyes for one person only, Sagittarius is prone to flirting and even if they don't cheat, Taurus can get annoyed by the fact that Sagittarius is not as committed as them.Being spontaneous and following their heart is totally out of character for the sensible Virgo zodiac.

Examining everything makes trusting people impossible! The Capricorn personality can be judgmental and struggles with letting people in and getting to know them on a deeper level.

This zodiac sign has a hard time understanding people different to them. Despite Aries being one of the zodiac signs who rushes into relationships too quickly, Aries does actually have a habit of being paranoid. Aries loves being in a relationship but can never seem to push cheating and heartbreak scenarios out of their heads. Leo is a typical fire sign in the sense that they give off a fiery first impression, but underneath it all, they take everything to heart.

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Leo has a reputation for being one of the pickiest zodiac signs in love, but in fact their demanding nature leads them to meet totally incompatible partners in love. The bad news is that dating someone incompatible definitely opens up a whole lot of trust issues. The Scorpio personality is definitely very deep and mysterious, but the truth is, Scorpio tends to hide their true self under layers of abrasiveness.

Scorpio adopts a larger than life persona because they have trouble trusting people and opening their hearts in relationships. Neo-Nazi pleads guilty to 'swatting' Black church, Cabinet official, journalists. Ad Microsoft.

sagittarius trust issues

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Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I'm already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:. Privacy Statement.I love sharing my knowledge with others. Sagittarius is a free spirit. He likes to travel, loves animals, and makes the best out of life in any situation.

His ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune. He is the guy who will win the lottery. He is the guy who will save for a Mediterranean cruise.

He loves to love, but not at the expense of his freedom. Sagittarius must have a pet, preferably one he can take with him hiking, running on the beach, or to the drive-in movies.

He would rather experience the story for himself, in person. Never try to pin down or give a guilt trip to Mr. He will do what he wants when he wants. Not because he is selfish, but because he is restless. He must go and do. He must be productive. He must learn and experience life.

sagittarius trust issues

You have the choice to be a part of the adventure or stay away and let him do his thing. Sagittarius is absolutely capable of love. He loves with all his heart. However, if you try to control him or cramp his style, he will resist.

Even as children, Sagittarius boys ask many questions. They are born inquisitive.

#Sagittarius \u0026 #Leo - 🤔INTUITION OR TRUST ISSUES? 🤯- Amor April

He wants to learn, experience, and utilize all of his senses. I should know since I raised a Sagittarius boy to a man. Oh the stories of adventure I could tell from his point of view.

Anyway, if you do find yourself involved with Mr. Sagittarius do not smother him. He is loyal, but needs the freedom to go for a beer or play golf with the guys. He needs the freedom to travel with or without you.Forums Sagittarius forum Saggitarius' and Trust issues So, I posted yesterday my situation with A Sag male, moon in cancer, venus in sag and saturn in scorpio. I'm still confu. By GiftfromVenus — February 13, pm — 39 replies.

You are on page 1 2 3 out of 3. You think maybe hes pulling back because hes scared he hasnt seen the real you? Not saying your hiding anything, but maybe he feels like your too nice, too acccomidating, etc.

When you are displeased with him do you tell him? Are you walking on eggshells around him? I have a good sag friend and he told me he trusted me a long time ago. Now, hes one of the meanest things Ive ever had the pleasure to come across, but I call him on it. We can argue, we can disagree. Hes a big no it all, so when i feel like we cant agree, we agree to disagree, or at least I do. What Im saying is, I think he trusts me because he knows hes gonna get it live and in person with me.

He knows im not gonna hold back. Just trying to provide another angle He has big trusts issue too with women. Do whats best for you though, protect your heart. Do unto him as you'd he do unto you. Don't disappear in silence like so many. That will only serve to enhance his mistrust of you. In the end, he either values you enough to risk trusting and get his butter together and show up full time, or he will remain a cowardly lion.

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Just do your part in being decent and upstanding. Posted by coldwater You think maybe hes pulling back because hes scared he hasnt seen the real you? I've definitely spoke my mind many times, I'm not scared of him. The problem is when I speak my mind he denies my accusations and doesn't tell me what it really is. But its almost like I can read him,so that annoys me even more because it's like I know my feelings are right. He sounds alot like my friend. I dont think the man is ever wrong because he plays by his own rules.

I can put up a great debate, but in the end his way makes the best sense because wellWell, you and your Archer have spent several days together hanging out, and you feel that things between you two are extremely good.

This guy is enthusiastic, sociable, and pretty flirty so you may get confused if he thinks of you more than just an ordinary friend.

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Life and Sex Compatibility

Fiery men are direct and straightforward individuals. But, unlike the Aries and Leo who choose to be honest with their feelings, the Sagittarius man will simply ghost you. The Archer finds it really difficult to deal with this situation in person — that explains why he usually chooses to ghost his follower. You think that things between you and him are going quite well and smoothly; nonetheless, he suddenly shuts down and leaves without any contact.

Girls sometimes prefer doing this, but overall ghosting someone whom he cannot like back seems to be a popular tactic of Sagittarius men. Wondering how to capture his attention effortlessly? As soon as you successfully win his attention, he will excitedly ask you out for a romantic date. It takes you a long time and much effort to reel a Sagittarius in a long-term commitment.

Most Centaurs are devoted a lot to their partner but soon they slowly feel struggled with the devotion in a relationship. The Sagittarius male is unable to resist the excitement and new things in life; put it simply, he gets distracted easily because many factors compete for his attention. Check out how well matched are Sagittarius and Cancer here! Invite him to join you in adventurous activities as he is a true traveler who cannot stay in one place for too long. Well, your wish is granted! Here are a couple of ways to help you not turn him off and not throw your efforts out the windows:.

If he has no special feelings towards you, he will simply disappear without leaving any trace once figuring out your interest for him.

sagittarius trust issues

This guy withdraws because he does not want to explain in person, which is quite opposite to his fiery personality. He is flirty and afraid of the commitment, but a relationship with Sagittarius man will bring you an unforgettable experience. Rolland Wooten is a freelance writer at Peter Risdon. The purpose is to give you the most accurate, honest reviews about each place in order to help you consider the best.

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These 6 Zodiac Signs Really Struggle With Trust Issues

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